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Case Study 10

We were asked to investigate a blocked and slow running drainage system within a dental practice in Winchester. The two owners had problems with their drains for several months after the floods in early 2014. One of the large franchise drain companies had already investigated this and had concluded that it was just a normal blockage which they cleared. Wessex Drainage Solutions were called to investigate this further as the drains were starting to smell, causing great concern to the proprietors as the hygiene of a dental practice is obviously very important. Works had to be carried out, out of hours in order for the practice to remain functional. Wessex Drainage Solutions identified the main drain runs and that they were half full of sediment which was later discovered to be teeth filling residue, this had obviously built up over many years. Wessex Drainage Solutions carried out the cleaning and survey of all the underground drainage and is now in talks with the architect tasked to rebuild the flood damaged areas.

Case Study 9

We were asked to undertake a CCTV survey prior to the purchase of a period thatched cottage in a beautiful setting with a stream running alongside. The existing drainage system consisted of a vastly undersized old tank with a discharge to the stream. It was clearly not fit for purpose and did not not comply with regulations. We were asked to recommend a suitable sewage treatment plant with a discharge clean enough to enter the stream.

The garden was in very good condition and of substantial size, unfortunately the access was restricted. The potential purchaser was keen to have a high quality eco-friendly unit so we recommended a BIOROCK unit. These are extremely green and do not require an electrical supply. The digger was squeezed through into the garden and the treatment plant was lifted over a dry stone wall. The garden was protected with boards and there was not a mark on the immaculate lawn. Our engineers installed the unit, the machinery was taken away and the area around the new tank was re-instated. As they were putting in the finishing touches the new purchaser arrived on site and asked when the installation was going to take place. He was delighted to find that it was in and working!

Case Study 8

A new bridge is about to open, the futuristic design is designed to represent two yacht sails when the bridge is open.

A fantastic concept and a real bit of civil engineering to be proud of.

Prior to the bridge being opened by a prominent Royal we were asked to survey the hundreds of metres of drainage involved, including some affected by the tides.

Using a combination of conventional CCTV drain cameras and motorised crawler units we were able to survey the lines and confirm that the quality was, as expected first class.


Case Study 7

Septic Tank Replacement

A septic tank was being replaced in a local hotel, after having one installed 2 years previously from a different company. The original had, "failed to work from day one". Having decided to get it replaced by Wessex Drainage, the customer comments, "Everything was done to such a high standard - the organization, workmanship and levels of communication were fantastic!" and " soon as your company started working, I could see the professionalism in all that you did.".


Case Study 6

One of our customers specialises in the restoration of old buildings.

They were asked to actually move a centuries old building from one street to another in the same town. The site was very restricted and on a bus route and the road contained other services.

The levels were critical and other drain companies said that it could not be done. One actually tried and then gave up. Result for Wessex Drainage Solutions? Another satisfied customer with working drains!

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