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Case Study 5

An urgent call to attend a blocked drain was received. On arrival we found that two other drainage companies had attended and left defeated.

Our crew found that not only was there a blockage but that the previous contractor (a national insurance company) had lost their drain rods down the rain and not been able to recover them.

Our crew removed the rods and unblocked the drain it is now running, however they also identified further problems that require work in the future.

Case Study 4

We were asked to install a septic tank for a touring caravan site. Investigation revealed that the campers were emptying toilets from the caravan that contained disinfectant preventing the necessary biological activity from taking place.

We were able to design a twin tank system that coped with chemical toilets and water from washing up etc. A unique safety restrictor was installed in the neck of the tank to ensure that a child could not fall in.

Case Study 3

A tearful lady rang to say that her drains were blocked and a National Company had attended and told her that her drains would have to be dug up at a cost of close to four thousand pounds.

She asked for a second opinion, we attended and removed a flower pot from the drain at a cost of eighty five pounds. It goes without saying that she was another satisfied customer

Case Study 2

Wessex Drainage solutions were asked to look at a drainage problem in a domestic terraced property on a busy street . We were met by an angry, sceptical householder who informed us that over twenty engineers from several companies had looked at the job and most of them had never come back. Those who did came back with a cost of several thousand but still seemed reluctant to proceed.

We identified the problem, provided a solution and carried out the work for a fraction of the cost at no inconvenience to the delighted customer who insisted on providing food for them and giving them a crate of beer!

Case Study 1

A local Authority had been complaining about chemical smells in their own building for over two years. During this time a National drainage company had attended several times and had reported that there were no faults.

Wessex Drainage Solutions were called in and within an hour had identified a hidden petrol interceptor that was releasing dangerous fumes into the basement area.

Using confined space equipment and forced ventilation we removed the dangerous waste and provided a solution within hours.

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Wessex Drainage Solutions

Wessex Drainage Solutions Ltd is a progressive fast reacting organisation. We aim for constant improvement and our key words are QUALITY, EFFICIENCY AND COST EFFECTIVENESS. You may be certain of good, honest and friendly advice.

Wessex Drainage, was formed after seeing a gap that existed between large faceless organisations and small, sometimes poorly trained and unqualified operators with inadequate equipment and no real Health and Safety ethos.