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Electro Mechanical Cleaning

Sometimes water is not available, or it may be that it would not be advisable to use water, for instance inside an occupied building or in the space between a suspended ceiling. In these cases we have electro mechanical machines that work with an electrically driven spiral cable fitted with a variety of heads.

These could be large enough to clear roots from domestic drains or small enough to clear blockages in waste pipes.

Scale can also a huge problem in hard water areas and these tools are excellent for bringing slow running waste pipes from sinks, urinals basins and other small bore pipework back to 100% efficiency.

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Wessex Drainage Solutions

Wessex Drainage Solutions Ltd is a progressive fast reacting organisation. We aim for constant improvement and our key words are QUALITY, EFFICIENCY AND COST EFFECTIVENESS. You may be certain of good, honest and friendly advice.

Wessex Drainage, was formed after seeing a gap that existed between large faceless organisations and small, sometimes poorly trained and unqualified operators with inadequate equipment and no real Health and Safety ethos.