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We normally refer to this section as excavation which can be misleading because it conjures up visions of massive holes in the ground and big diggers. Sometimes these are needed of course and we have the capability to deal with the situation. More often only a mini digger is used and frequently it involves nothing more drastic than a fork and shovel.

So, why would we dig it up? It may be that the pipe has broken to such an extent that resin lining is no longer suitable. This can happen where tree roots have totally blocked the line and have expanded to such an extent that large section of pipe have been broken out. Or it may be that the pipes have become dislodged and the joints have become so displaced that there is no option other than that of digging up and renewing.

Other examples could be where fence stakes have been driven through the drain, or perhaps the installers of other services have used a process called moling and the new service (usually gas or water) has broken through the drain.

Perhaps it may be necessary to fit new gullies or install a new soakaway for either a septic tank or to dispose of rainwater.

Different techniques and certification is needed to work in the highways or on the verge and we have engineers and supervisors with the qualifications needed under NRSW regulations.

Perhaps it is simply a case of installing an additional pipe to take a new toilet or fitting channelling across your driveway to prevent flooding. What ever you require, from a metre of pipe to a substantial sewer, rest assured that we have teams who can help.

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Wessex Drainage, was formed after seeing a gap that existed between large faceless organisations and small, sometimes poorly trained and unqualified operators with inadequate equipment and no real Health and Safety ethos.