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Resin lining

If you read the section on pitch fibre pipe you may remember that older drains consisted of short lengths of clay pipe cemented together into a rigid (brittle) drain. The slightest ground movement such as that in clay soil (expansion and contraction due to moisture content) or traffic movement and vibration, or disturbance by roots or similar can cause the joints to crack and open up.

Roots rapidly gain access looking for moisture and nutrients, these thicken causing further disruption to the pipes and eventually the drain collapses. We are specialist in root cutting and lining the drain with a resin liner. Resin lining is also used to provide a solution to faulty pitch fibre pipes.

How Does it Work?

A felt sleeve is impregnated with a mixture of (usually) polyester resin and a catalyst hardener. This is then inserted into the drain using a variety of methods such as a manhole to manhole manual pull, or blown in using specialist equipment. Wessex Drainage Solutions ltd can insert over 100m in one continuous length using this method and sub contract to other drainage companies who do not have the equipment, as well as undertaking their own contracts. Once inserted into the drain the resin impregnated sleeve is held in place with air pressure from a compressor until it cures. Curing time depends on ambient temperatures and can be adjusted by the skilled installer to suit site conditions.

The result is a seam-free continuous tube with improved friction quality and no further maintenance requirements apart from cleaning if needed. All this has been achieved with no disturbance of the surface and minimal disruption, with the drains capable of being used the same day. At a fraction of the cost of renewal.

How Much Money Will I Save?

The cost savings on resin lining as opposed to excavating and renewal are considerable, especially if it is deep or the surface requires cutting and breaking. Resin lining also reduces disruption and is a lot less intrusive then excavating. Cost savings are usually in the region of around 40% compared to an excavation, although sometimes it can make more economical sense to excavate in long shallow runs.

We have specialist installers employed by us who are certificated installers for the brawoliner system . They trained at the Brawoliner factory in Germany to become experts in what is in our opinion, the most versatile system on the market today.

Wessex Drainage Solutions

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Wessex Drainage, was formed after seeing a gap that existed between large faceless organisations and small, sometimes poorly trained and unqualified operators with inadequate equipment and no real Health and Safety ethos.