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Septic Tanks & Cess Pits

Septic Tank Installation

Wessex Drainage can install septic tanks in most cases, however it is worth mentioning that the Environment Agency are becoming more stringent with permits to discharge (where it is required) on these types of 'off mains' solutions. Whilst considering a septic tank, it be worth looking into a packaged sewage treatment plants too, as these are far more acceptable methods of treating sewage in today’s current 'green' climate.

Septic Tank Emptying

Septic tanks should be emptied / de-sludged no less than once a year, which we can arrange for you. However if you find that your tank requires more frequent emptying it could be because the soak-away is failing. In most cases this is due to the T pipe being broken off allowing gross solids to contaminate / block the pipework leading to the soak-away. If this is the case then we would be able to clear this using high pressure water jetting.

Cess Pit

A cesspit is a sealed tank for the reception and temporary storage of sewage. These are simply holding tanks. The tank must be emptied frequently — in many cases as often as weekly. Because of the need for frequent emptying, the cost of maintenance of a cesspit can be very high.

Regulations for the protection of the watershed prevent home-owners who live close to rivers and environmentally sensitive areas from installing a septic tank system , so a cess pit would be an option, however we can normally overcome these regulations by fitting a sewage treatment plant.

Wessex Drainage Solutions

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