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Case Study 8

A new bridge is about to open, the futuristic design is designed to represent two yacht sails when the bridge is open.

A fantastic concept and a real bit of civil engineering to be proud of.

Prior to the bridge being opened by a prominent Royal we were asked to survey the hundreds of metres of drainage involved, including some affected by the tides.

Using a combination of conventional CCTV drain cameras and motorised crawler units we were able to survey the lines and confirm that the quality was, as expected first class.


Wessex Drainage Solutions

Wessex Drainage Solutions Ltd is a progressive fast reacting organisation. We aim for constant improvement and our key words are QUALITY, EFFICIENCY AND COST EFFECTIVENESS. You may be certain of good, honest and friendly advice.

Wessex Drainage, was formed after seeing a gap that existed between large faceless organisations and small, sometimes poorly trained and unqualified operators with inadequate equipment and no real Health and Safety ethos.